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Eco-friendly Promotions

Spread the news about the "green" initiative! Trumpet the launch of organic products. Tout the benefits of energy efficiency. Generate publicity for air quality campaigns. Spark excitement for conservation efforts. All of our eco-friendly promotions are made from recycled and natural materials.

Brand Responsibly with Owl™ Products

Yesterday's discarded water bottles and yogurt containers, today's promotional treasures. Introducing Owl™, a new environmentally-friendly collection of stylish promotional products. Made from post-consumer recycled materials – Owl™ lets you put either 100% or 51% of your stuff where your heart is.

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From Aladdin, the leader in creative on-the-go food and beverage containers, comes this new eco-conscious tumbler, eCycle™. Made entirely of food-grade safe recycled plastic, eCycle™ offers a clever solution for environmentally-friendly promotions. 100% recycled and recyclable.

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The freshest member of the Eco-Smart line, the Growable collection offers the latest way to practice the timeless tradition of gifting plants. Consisting of a live plant or bulb and natural fiber planters and packaging, even Mother Nature herself would endorse these gifts as “green.”

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Recycled Cardboard

Born from post-consumer materials such as old cardboard cartons, the new Recycled Cardboard collection offers an economical choice for eco-themed promotions. From the soft grainy covers made of 100% recycled cardboard, to the notepaper inside, created out of 70% post-consumer material, each detail works together to originate a style that looks as natural as it feels.

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Add eco-elegance to the office with our Bamboo collection. Made of lightweight yet incredibly strong natural fiber, each gift proves that new can also be renewable.

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Recycled Leather

The natural texture of untreated bonded leather sets our new Recycled Leather collection apart. With durable, sun-dried leather covers, made from all natural material, and stocked with notepaper made from 70% post-consumer material, this down-to-earth stationery is ideal for earth-friendly promotions.

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